armageddon rising at jade helm 15


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My master’s degree thesis paper was already completed when I learned consciously that Operation Jade Helm 15 military exercise was coming to Bastrop, Texas. I live about thirty miles east of Bastrop. My spiritual gift to understand and decipher dark sentences provided me a quick understanding that Jade Helm was the Pentagon’s code for the keystone, which became the US Great Seal. The US Great Seal is the substance of the twelve memorial stones of Israel’s exodus from Egyptian slavery into Canaan, the land of the promise.

I wrote my master’s degree thesis covertly through a second party that the spiritual subject became unwittingly as proven by theological authorities. In my thesis, I opened the United States Great Seal and the national seals of its G7 leading industrialized partners with the key of David. The national seals of these seven nations are what the Bible refers to as the seven seals.

The opening of the seven seals reveals a multiplicity of diabolical secrets of the nations. This includes the god of this world who is called Satan, the Antichrist. He is also called the eastern star, a code name for the sun, and the Statue of Liberty. The eastern star is always positioned east of the crescent moon on Islamic flags. This five-pointed inverted eastern star is called a pentagram. It is used intellectually in the world over by academicians and scholars to depict witchcraft and Satan. This pentagram inspired the design of the Pentagon’s headquarters. The Pentagon’s response to this revelation is Operation Jade Helm.

Operation Jade Helm 15 has an authorized and an unauthorized mission. The unauthorized mission is influenced by military officials who are aligned with the red states that are labeled hostile. That mission is to carry out the Antichrist’s orders to snatch, capture, and kill the messenger of God who has exposed him. That exposure and subsequent killing are chronicled in the nineteen verses of the eleventh chapter of the book of Revelation.

The death and resurrection of God’s messenger, who are called His two witnesses, triggers the sound of the seventh angel and the seventh and last trumpet. The sound of the trumpet is a biblical metaphor used to signal the beginning of war. This war is biblically described as a war between God’s armies, which have now come down from heaven, and the armies of all the kings of the world who joins together to fight against the Lord. That war is called Armageddon, and it is chronicled in the sixteenth and nineteenth chapters of Revelation.

My spiritual gift to read symbolism has enabled me to read and articulate the Jade Helm 15 logo. It depicts by symbolism a war between Jesus and the Antichrist. The Christian cross is depicted as a sword turned upside down so that it cannot be discerned as a Christian cross. It is a fulfillment of Isaiah 29:11–20 that describes the artifices of the Antichrist who hides those things pertaining to this sealed book by turning them upside down.  

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 An x (ex) shaped as an arrow takes the cross out symbolically by attacking it from all four corners of the globe. This represents all the nations of the earth who are gathered against the Lord and his anointed. The slogan “Master the human domain” are words originating from him who was made a little higher than man. He seeks to lead them into a pit of no return. The Jade Helm 15 logo is the Pentagon’s shorthand confirmation of those things written in my master thesis.

The official mission of the Pentagon’s Operation Jade Helm 15 is to train for all the urban possibilities that results from the opening of the US Great Seal and the revelation of the Lord Jesus and his rival known as the Antichrist. This book contains the grade and completed evaluation form that has been completed by the professor for Minnesota Graduate School of Theology at South Texas Bible College. This master thesis was written covertly and was unwittingly and accurately graded to prove and validate the most significant event in the history of mankind.

Included in this book are the revelations of a multiplicity of the earth’s most golden secrets. These golden secrets have been the Antichrist’s source of power since he was cast out of heaven into the earth. A poem inscribed in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty and titled “The New Colossus” boasts silently of those golden secrets. The Colossus of Rhodes was one of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is a beast with ten horns positioned in the harbor at Rhodes to honor the sun god Helios. It is the same beast with ten horns described in the 13th chapter of Revelation and worshipped as the sun by those in the earth. Many people do not know our sun as an eastern star. The revelation of this mystery has angered many who secretly oppose Christianity. The Statue of Liberty is rightfully called the “New Colossus.” 

Chapters 20 and 21 are not submitted as part of my master thesis because they have not yet been revealed. These two chapters provide the mysteries of the Statue of Liberty and also the mysteries of God’s two witnesses. Also included in chapter 21 is the first known photograph ever taken of an angel. God has sent forth His two witnesses in both a human form and an angelic form. It is a mystery that I shall make no attempt to fully explain. The Lord once said, “If you have not understood or believed earthly things, then how shall you believe and understand heavenly things.” 

The execution of the nine Christians in a South Carolina black church and the subsequent burning of seven other Southern black churches are all a part of the spiritual warfare for which Operation Jade Helm 15 is now preparing. It is a sign of Armageddon rising.

The poem that is inscribed into the pedestal of liberty ends with these words: “I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” That door is now opened, and no man by any means can close it. 

PREFACE (cont.)


 Liberty’s flaming torch is a lamp lifted beside seven spikes in her crown. These spikes represent Israel’s seven (7) golden candlesticks, and a golden door. The Key of David  which has been hidden in New York Centrl Park since 1880, has opened this golden door where the seven golden candlesticks, and the strength of the G7 Industrialized Nations have been secretly hidden. The Key of David is an Egyptian Keystone that is commonly known as Cleopatra’s Needle. This Key has opened the door to the discovery of the world’s largest, and most ancient biblical treasure. It is the strength of the gentile nations. Ellis Island, its name, and all of its fame, has God now revealed to Prophet Ellis, His Messenger. The poem titled “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus, and inscribed into Liberty’s pedestal, is only one of many golden riddles revealing the world’s greatest treasure and mystery. The last sentence of that poem reads,”I LIFT MY LAMP BESIDE THE GOLDEN DOOR”. France who presented Liberty to the U. S. in 1884, is one of the Members of the G7 Nations. JADE HELM is just one of the many code names for this Keystone known as the Key of David. The revelation of this mystery brings the nations’ judgment, and the Rise of Armageddon from JADE HELM 15.