the messianic message according to isaiah chapter 11

Key Message


  The Saudi Government and Islam Operates Covert Jihad/Terror Against American Women Via Islam’s Eastern Star With Impunity





This Report is a synopsis of my 21 year perpetual prophetic investigation of the red  eastern star of Sheba, The Queen of The South.

The T-Party, Eastern Star, and the Shriners, are covert arms of Sheba. Sheba seek to overthrow legitimate authority by what appears to be legitimate political means. It is part of an ancient Arabic Order calibrated for these current times. Sheba is an ancient biblical name for Southern Arabia, and Yemen. The emblem of Freemasonry’s Shriners depicts Islam’s crescent and eastern star that has been rotated from its eastern position to a prophetic southern position. This rotation signals the rise of The Queen of the South. The Shriners, who’s official name is Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, was founded in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 644 some 12 years after the death of the prophet Mohammad.

The Arabic Order that was issued for the creation of a Mystic Shrine, was part of the Islamic Jihad to promote Islam, and undermine Christianity by disproving the resurrection. The Arabic Nobles would seek to do this by creating a bogus shrine that they alleged to contain the remains that are the skull and bones of Jesus. That shrine is identified on page 27 of this report. The scheme lead to the formation of two new appendages of Freemasonry that are called Skull and Bones and Shriners. The Eastern Star would come later.

The Jihadists borrowed similar words from the gospel of Matthew pertaining to the wise men and birth of Jesus, to deceive American women that their eastern star is the Little Star of Bethlehem for the infant Jesus. However, most women failed to understand the word FATAL that is written on the star until after they had taken their deadly Obligation. They are then held captive by terroristic death threats if they refuse to worship this eastern star of Islam. The threat is enforced by the sword which points west on the Saudi’s flag. This terror is an intricate part of the global war on terror which today threatens the peace and security of our nation. The current budget and debt crisis of the U. S. , was manufactured by Sheba’s T-Party as part of this coup-de-tat.

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The Key of David Project is "The Messianic Message According to Isaiah Chapter 11.

Copyright:  October 2013

By:  Prophet W. H. "Bill" Ellis

Prepared For:  The U. S. Congress, The Obama Administration and General Public